National Minimum Wage entitlement

Who gets the minimum wage

Anyone classed as a worker must get the National Minimum Wage or National Living Wage.

You are entitled to receive a minimum wage if you are a:

  • full-time worker
  • part-time worker
  • agency worker
  • casual worker
  • zero hours worker
  • apprentice
  • worker paid by commission
  • worker paid by the number of items you make (piece work)
  • home worker
  • casual labourer, for example someone hired for one day
  • trainee, or on probation
  • disabled worker
  • agricultural worker
  • foreign worker
  • seafarer
  • offshore worker

You are not entitled to a minimum wage if you are:

  • self-employed (if you choose to be)
  • a volunteer (if you choose to be)
  • a company director
  • a member of the armed forces
  • a work experience student, depending on the length of your placement
  • under school leaving age

If you live in your employer's home

You are entitled to the minimum wage if you live in your employer's home, unless:

  • you're a member of their family
  • you are not a member of the family, but you do share in the work and leisure activities and are not charged for meals or accommodation, for example an au pair

Who gets the apprentice rate

You are entitled to the apprentice rate if you are either: 

  • in the first year of your current apprenticeship agreement
  • an apprentice aged under 19

Otherwise you are entitled to the minimum wage for your age, even if you are an apprentice.