Final pay when someone leaves a job

Why final pay is often different

When someone leaves a job, their final pay will often be different from their usual weekly or monthly pay.

Someone’s final pay might change because of things like:

  • how much holiday they’ve taken
  • money deducted for training courses
  • redundancy pay included in final pay

Employers should make sure the person leaving understands how their final pay was calculated. For example, it should be clear in the payslip what each payment or deduction is for.

If the person leaving does not normally get a payslip

If someone is not entitled to a payslip it's a good idea for employers to explain in person or in writing any changes that affect final pay. This avoids any surprises for the person leaving and allows them to plan ahead financially. 

If you have the right to a payslip and do not get one, you should speak to your employer. Find out how to resolve an issue with your employer if you still do not get one.

Final pay when someone leaves a job
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